This is a living document post on what I’ve done for this project. It’s to keep track of the Journey.

Here’s a rough total of the time I’ve spent
* 8 hours reading about Python and Flask – which weren’t too useful
* 3 hours playing around with CSS to see if my idea for Chill Penguin would work
* 25 hours improving Chill Penguin CSS

* 15 hours working on Form Elements
* 3 hours improving Chill Penguin core.js
* 16 hours doing PHP / mySQL work
* 12 hours of Bookmarklets / Launch Octopus
* 50 to 100 to ?? hours THINKING

2020 04 26: The last 4 days have been looking at Form inputs

2020 04 22: I spent the entire day looking at anchor and buttons. The….entire……..

2020 04 21: Today, I worked on my CSS Classes and Styleguide.

2020 04 20: I’ve been working on my PHP and string replacement, new components, etc.

2020 04 19: It’s been a long time since I visited this project. A little global pandemic kept me a bit busy.

I worked on the Bookmarklet tool, dubbed Launch Octopus.

2020 02 02: I checked buffer size and it’s fine – I can have some decently large files go through the buffer without worry. My concern now is time delay due to recursive SQL calls. I’ll have to check that out later when I have some more complex components. Putting components in components can cause an infinite loop though, which I’ve done.

2020 01 31: I still tried updating Chill Penguin a bit to update it but it’s still difficult. I give up for now.

I hit a major milestone today – the ability to recursively navigate through an array and output the proper code.

This is a fundamental milestone and the key piece for everything that comes after it. I’m a bit worried about buffer size – but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I cross it. Scalability is Future Warren’s problem.

2020 01 22: Investigating new classes added to Maverick but it’s too messy/difficult. Will use Maverick “As is” – rebranded to Chill Penguin.

2020 01 13: Rewrote Height Equalize component from jQuery to ES6

2020 01 13: Set up Core CSS file (copied from Maverick) but reorganized/rewrote methodology to be cleaner/more understandable

2020 01 12: Set up Core JS file (copied from Maverick) but reorganized to be cleaner

2020 01 13: Pitched my idea to my team. Not sure if I want to proceed with the pitch given that it might not be possible.

2020 01 10: PIVOT! Going with a straight POC/MVP approach – that is, to rapid prototype this solution to see if it could work. No version control. No build. Just code and database. Right into the production server 😀

  • Set up Git Repo
  • Added Empty Folder
  • Created Python file
  • Installed Python
  • Installed Postgres
  • Created simple http server via python -m http.server
  • Picked Jinja2 over Mako
  • Picked Flask over Django
  • *DOH* – Abandoned Python, Postgres, and Flask for the purposes of the POC. Going with PHP, mySQL for now….

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