POC Rules

  • snake_case: JS/PHP Function, Database name, Database Table names
    After carefully playing around with camelCase, kebab-case, and snake_case, I have decided that PHP/JavaScript functions, Databases, and Database tables will be **snake_case**

    I am personally a fan kebob-case but it doesn’t work for all of the following: PHP/JavaScript functions, Databases, and Database. Sometimes I write camelCase things but personally, I find it takes slightly more effort to read/understand.

  • kebob-case: CSS Class names, URLs, HTML attributes, PHP to be replaced {{hotspot–0}}, Filenames
    I have decided that CSS classes will be **kebob-case**. This is mostly just personal preference. I dislike camelCase for CSS and (maybe out of habit?) dislike snake_case for CSS.

    Modifiers will also start with –,
    * anchor.php
    * anchor–new-window.php

    Language differentiators will have a .en or .fr at the end
    * anchor.en.php
    * anchor–new-window.en.php
    * anchor–
    A file with no differentiator will be language agnostic.

  • indenting will be 2 spaces

  • uppercase characters will only be use for things outside of this system’s control

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